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Our 100% Promise

100% of your donation helps to provide vital programs for Native American youth. Your investment directly helps to prevent sex trafficking, to support victims of abuse, and to provide counseling, housing, and education. Native Hope is also dedicated to preserving and revitalizing Native culture and languages.

For American Indians, language, tradition, ceremonies, art, and family aren't just parts of their lives; they form their identity. Our goal is not just to see Native American culture preserved, but honored, embraced, and thriving. Together, we can bring change and hope to the next generation of Native Americans.

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Sparking the Light: Alexus’ Story

We envision a world where every Native American child has a real opportunity to grow up full of hope and to follow their dreams.

Together, we can make this possible!

A great American injustice is happening right in our backyard.


Suicide is more than3xthe national average and up to 10x on some reservations.


1 in 3 Native American women reports rape, compared to 1 in 5 nationally.


2 in 5 students on the reservation won’t graduate high school.

Together, we can change these statistics!